What We Do

We are a life sciences company developing technologies specifically focused on improving the health of the immune system through immune reprogramming and monitoring. Our immune reprogramming technology called Apoptotic DNA Immunotherapy™ (ADI™) is designed to retrain the immune system to induce tolerance with an objective of addressing rejection of transplanted organs, autoimmune diseases, and allergies. Our immune monitoring technology called Aditxtscore™ is designed to provide a personalized comprehensive profile of the immune system.

Aditxt is an innovation platform commercializing promising biotechnologies with focus on monitoring and modulating the immune system.

We are developing ADI products for organ transplantation including skin grafting, autoimmune diseases, and allergies, with the initial focus on skin allografts and psoriasis. We plan to utilize AditxtScore in our upcoming clinical trials to monitor subjects’ immune response before, during and after ADI drug administration.